Find awesome programmers.
Create a tightly integrated team.
Keep costs within a tight budget
Give back to the society & environment


1500 +

Verified senior programmers in our network of trust

25 +

Happy clients in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, USA & India

25 Million +

Euros saved by our clients over the 8 years of operation.

95 %

Employee satisfaction and retention rate

Create your software team with ROBOREV

Find senior developers in India & bring them to Germany.

PHP / Rails / iOS / Android / Java & More. We find for you the brainiest guys in the Indian market and recruit them to create your own team in India & bring them over to Germany regularly.
This helps you to find the best programmers very quickly and retain them at a great price.

Your tightly integrated team - Full time & permanently yours.

As a small / medium company it's very important to have people that are your own, who share your vision and passion, with whom you go for lunches together & understand each others' thinking.
We help you to find, recruit and maintain such a team that stays with you for a long time.

Build your team affordably - Cost savings are guaranteed

The uniqueness of India is that it offers highly qualified people at a very affordable cost. With our unique model bridging India and Germany, you can save upto 50% on the total cost of employing a Sr. Dev in Germany.
Imagine saving more than 4,000 € per person per month!

Help in environmental and social causes - We do it on your behalf

We do our business in a fair way. We have very fair and friendly conditions to the clients and employees. More importantly, we use a portion of our fees to support educational, social and environmental projects in India.
With us, you can become a business that spreads smiles & creates better lives.

we ♥ our customers & they ♥ us too..

  • Sebastian Wolter Melino GmbH

    Thanks to Roborev, we finally found like-minded specialists, who understood our idea and translated it into neat functional code. Their expertise allowed us to implement effective solutions and expand on our vision.

    Additionally, their project manager made us become a very integrated and open team. Communication, attention to quality and flexible approach are definitely their strengths.

    Working with our team in India is actually even fun. Definitely recommended!

  • Pawel Kaczyński BazaarMMA Sp. z.o.o

    Our team at RoboRev works on numerous projects of us. The work they do has been of top quality and always before schedule.

    We are so happy with the value they are providing, that we have moved our entire IT department to RoboRev. Not only it helped us cut our cost by half, but also greatly improved the quality of product as we found much more senior people.

    I highly recommend working with RoboRev on complex projects, it's better, cheaper and easier than doing it in-house.

  • Czeslaw Krzemiński Medest,

    Their ability to quickly find the developers we want & strong managerial support makes Roborev an outstanding partner for our business. From the very beginning we could feel the same wavelength and our cooperation brought great results.

    Having Tejas, a dedicated contact person next to us, is a great help. He knows India inside out, and actually takes care of everything around our team.

    With this setup it is quite easy and very cost effective to develop with the actual RoboRev developers being in India. Great experience!

If India can provide more than 30% of the senior staff for Google, Microsoft & NASA - It can definitely provide awesome programmers to you!

We help you find the best ones.

How We Work

With us, you can search, select & hire the best programmers from India, base them in our Indian office
and regularly bring them to your German office. All at a fraction of a typical German cost.

  We help you to find & keep the best people

We focus on finding people who fit perfectly to your requirements and vision. We guide you through every step of the recruitment process and offer a probation time to ensure you work with only the best people who understand your product well and share the passion you have for your company.

  Bring your team to Berlin

It's of utmost importance to be face-to-face in the same room with your team to have the best possible mutual understanding and trust building. You need to have lunches together and make jokes together to build a real connection. We facilitate you to bring your team to Berlin regularly.

  Provide full facilities in India

Your team is as important to us as it is to you. We provide a cosy office environment with HD audio / video communication tools & ensure its smooth operations, so that your people were happily delivering best results. Just focus on your work and your people. Leave all the rest to us.

  Offer you India Expert in Berlin

You need someone next to you, who knows well how India works & thinks! We provide a senior Agile Project Manager in Berlin who makes it easy to handle all aspects of having the team in India. He's the grease in your machine, guiding you through the daily management.

See how we can help you ...

Get full IT support for your special cause. With the same enthusiasm & motivation as you, we get you all the tech skills you need in a very tight budget, in a reliable and trusted environment.


With nearly 8 years experience in connecting European IT companies with Indian talent, we bring along a lot of learned lessons and success stories. We worked with clients from America, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and other countries.

We know the importance of quality, and that's why our entire process is designed around creating a high quality experience and products. We achieve this by finding the right people, keeping a tight watch on communication, and strict QA processes. When India can provide CEOs to Microsoft, Google and Mastercard, you can rest assure that it can provide you awesome programmers! :)

That is absolutely not a must! Some famous products made using remote teams are: Slack, Fab, Klout, Skype,, Github, Basecamp, AlertBoot, Splunk, Opera and more.
But, indeed what is a must is to have face-to-face meetings regularly, and that's why every few months, we bring over the Indian team to Berlin or take you to our Indian office.

Because, with nearly 8 years of experience in creating and managing remote teams, we have learned a lot! We know what works well, and what are the points to watch out for. We know where to find the best people in India and how to keep them happy, and we also know what an European company wants. We're simply your best partners in this field! :)

India is just 3.5 hours ahead. In German time, the Indian team works from 06:30 till around 15:30. So, everyday you have more than 7 hours of working hours overlap. The Indian team gets a couple of undisturbed, focussed morning hours and you get that in the afternoon. Perfect for both! :)

Communication is our priority. Programmers in our network have great english and lots of experience working with international clients, so their language is perfect. We also train the German and Indian sides on culture and communication, so that we all can speak to eachother's mind.

Just send us an email, say hello. We'll have a quick call, meet in person if feasible and talk about your project and explain the way forward. We're very nice people to talk to! We promise! :)



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